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  • daveangel's Avatar
    12-04-19, 07:57 PM
    daveangel started a thread The Ricay. in The COF
    Haven't been any posts today, and I'm getting sick of checking! Thought I'd start the match thread now. :) Happy with a point? Expect 3 as...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    24-03-19, 10:56 AM
    Huge game at the seaside. Will leave MP at 10am and will be £20 a seat. 1.Daveangel 2.Tony P 3.Kev Avery 4.Alan D 5.Andrew Bick 6.DaveM
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  • MeadowClark's Avatar
    15-04-19, 01:17 PM
    MeadowClark started a thread New Club Badge in The COF
    I see the busiest badge in football history has appeared on our club website in the ‘Our History’ section at the very bottom. Also if you go to...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    24-03-19, 11:01 AM
    daveangel started a thread Truro Sat 20th April in The COF
    Hopefully the day a win could see us safe. Our longest trip at 200 miles, so we'll have a decent stop on the way. Departing MP at 9.30am and again...
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  • Ray Tango's Avatar
    05-04-19, 09:32 AM
    Ray Tango started a thread CG in The COF Very sad news this and I’m sure 99.9% of you will agree with me....
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  • Neil's Avatar
    23-03-19, 04:48 PM
    Neil started a thread St Albans in The COF
    0-1 down. Common theme. Dejon missed an open goal from five yards out according to the @thevotte and then missed another for an equaliser. ...
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  • Kingo's Avatar
    24-03-19, 09:22 PM
    Kingo started a thread Egm in The COF
    Just to remind you all that there is an EGM this coming Tuesday at the Walls Club, starting at 7 pm The purpose of the meeting is for us to...
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  • Ray Tango's Avatar
    16-04-19, 09:37 PM
    Ray Tango started a thread A request in The COF
    Right strange one to ask this? The club has had a message from Dejon asking if there was a photographer present on Saturday who’s got any snaps of...
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  • Joe's Avatar
    30-03-19, 08:59 AM
    Joe started a thread City vs Welling in The COF
    Looks like a tough fixture. They're second in the form table and have made soon impressive signings this week. A draw will be a good result. Could...
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  • Kingo's Avatar
    27-03-19, 10:13 PM
    Not wishing to get too far ahead, but thinking, THAT first game back at Meadow Park, should Charlie have a Play List (Get me!) of certain songs to...
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  • MeadowClark's Avatar
    28-03-19, 10:03 AM
    MeadowClark started a thread Bobby McCool in The COF
    Bobby McCool has sadly passed away aged 76, not someone us younger lot will have seen play but you may have seen him on our top 10 all time scorers. ...
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  • drbob's Avatar
    03-04-19, 02:16 PM
    With only five matches to play, we have two 'must win' away fixtures that could see us safe(ish) - Eastbourne & Truro - lose them and I fear the...
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  • Spanish tiger's Avatar
    16-04-19, 10:50 AM
    Spanish tiger started a thread Raging bull in The COF
    Anyone else looking forward to seeing the new kit range from RB? I’ve checked out some of their sports gear and it looks pretty good! Anyone have an...
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  • charlie's Avatar
    25-03-19, 02:46 PM
    charlie started a thread The End Is In Sight! in The COF
    Feel like we've said this many times before, BUT, a huge step and a massive tweet from the club this morning. "The club wishes to confirm that we...
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  • dr wart hoover's Avatar
    27-03-19, 03:24 AM
    Alan Myatt has invited Gloucester City FC to participate in the Gloucester Day celebrations in Sept 2019 to commemorate our return to Meadow Park...
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  • kevinanderson's Avatar
    07-04-19, 02:50 PM
    ... are on this link - (There will be briefer clips on the National League site.) Best...
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  • Kingo's Avatar
    06-04-19, 10:37 AM
    Just trying to get things sorted before I go on holiday. On Easter Monday at the Chippenham match, you will get a chance to vote for your player...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    27-03-19, 06:15 PM
    daveangel started a thread Best name ever. in The COF
    I hear Bob McCool has passed away. Before my time, but I'm sure Noah et al will remember him with fondness. RIP Mr McCool.
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  • Ray Tango's Avatar
    16-04-19, 03:34 PM
    Ray Tango started a thread Woking in The COF
    It’s the annual fancy dress!! Who’s in?
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  • GDE's Avatar
    27-03-19, 03:36 PM
    GDE started a thread chairman in The COF
    Was on radio this morning set put the plans for the new stadium "WE ARE COMING HOME" believe
    3 replies | 472 view(s)
  • Dom Joly's Publicist's Avatar
    08-04-19, 11:01 AM
    Despite another late rally, this time against potential champions in Stockport, Hereford's forum is still dominated by TH and MR bashing. Now I...
    2 replies | 519 view(s)
  • charlie's Avatar
    28-03-19, 04:44 PM
    charlie started a thread New Signing in The COF Jack Spark is a striker.
    2 replies | 471 view(s)
  • daveangel's Avatar
    27-03-19, 07:59 PM
    daveangel started a thread FAO Shandy in The COF
    You know nothing....
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  • GDE's Avatar
    13-04-19, 08:56 PM
    GDE started a thread new web site in The COF
    No Dowdswell estates as sponsors large Soldi advert ???????????
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  • Shandy.'s Avatar
    28-03-19, 10:17 PM
    Shandy. started a thread Trouble at Hungerford? in The COF
    Feels like backroom unrest. Believe me, its painful. What impact on the run in?
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  • Eric Van Der Floof's Avatar
    13-04-19, 09:15 AM
    The Supporters Trust are pleased to announce that the end of season presentation evening will take place on Friday 3rd May at The Walls Club in...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    24-03-19, 10:49 AM
    Only three away trips left, and Cookie has said that getting decent support to them would be a huge boost to the players. I think Woking on the last...
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  • Kingo's Avatar
    Today, 05:41 PM
    Kingo replied to a thread Truro Sat 20th April in The COF
    Fabs goal was special and Jakes goal was special too, great penalty save from Tom King
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  • Cookie's Avatar
    Today, 05:27 PM
    Cookie replied to a thread Truro Sat 20th April in The COF
    I can only agree, the turnaround is nothing short of exceptional management
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  • Spanish tiger's Avatar
    Today, 05:24 PM
    Spanish tiger replied to a thread Truro Sat 20th April in The COF
    What MC and co have done since coming in has been nothing short of a miracle to be fair,to even be in this position with 2 games to go after he took...
    52 replies | 5204 view(s)
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