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  • daveangel's Avatar
    06-03-19, 10:16 AM
    Must be a bit tricky locating questions that are being aimed at you when they're on several different threads. Maybe if they're kept to this...
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  • Neil's Avatar
    14-03-19, 04:26 PM
    Neil started a thread Hemel in The COF
    About time we improved on this piss poor record against them Our two wins have come at home...
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  • Neil's Avatar
    23-03-19, 04:48 PM
    Neil started a thread St Albans in The COF
    0-1 down. Common theme. Dejon missed an open goal from five yards out according to the @thevotte and then missed another for an equaliser. ...
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  • charlie's Avatar
    02-03-19, 03:57 PM
    charlie started a thread Wealdstone in The COF
    Whatís going on with the keeper situation? Jojo signed for the season yet isnít in the squad? Lapworth (who I thought was with us for the season?) is...
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  • Nigeglos's Avatar
    04-03-19, 09:09 PM
    Nigeglos started a thread Concorde in The COF
    This is I think a huge game for us. If we can pinch a win, that will be massive. On Saturday 4 teams around us are playing each other so two or more...
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  • drbob's Avatar
    09-03-19, 06:43 PM
    drbob started a thread Dartford in The COF
    Disappointing, but not unexpected result that puts us only one point clear of the relegation zone as East Thurrock won today - looks like it’s...
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  • Neil's Avatar
    01-03-19, 08:59 PM
    Neil started a thread Hudsons in The COF
    Who was it who got laughed at when they went in there and asked for a City shirt? Looks like they're closing down now. Tee Hee Hee. He who...
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  • Ray Tango's Avatar
    17-03-19, 02:16 PM
    Ray Tango started a thread County Cup in The COF
    Have we got Bristol City tomorrow night in the county cup?
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  • rogerspurs's Avatar
    18-03-19, 10:51 PM
    hello, I've only been supporting city for 45 years, can anyone tell me , what the f??? is going on| please\|
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  • Dom Joly's Publicist's Avatar
    07-03-19, 11:12 AM
    Can anyone who administers this please update it as it's doing my OCD no favours :D If you click on news if brings up stories from 2 years ago....
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    01-03-19, 08:47 AM
    daveangel started a thread JoJo Wollacott in The COF
    For anyone who may have missed the announcement, JoJo has signed up for the rest of the season. A real relief, as he's been absolutely...
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  • Gladfans's Avatar
    13-03-19, 03:55 PM
    Thanks Harry hope you can find a club and return to the form we know you are capable of.
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    16-03-19, 07:19 AM
    11am from Meadow Park, and £15 a head if we get reasonable numbers. 6 Cup Finals left after this one, and they're getting more vital by the game....
    18 replies | 1791 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    01-03-19, 09:12 PM
    Neil started a thread Dejon Noel-Williams in The COF
    Striker signed on loan from Oxford United. He was at Slough for a month. Didn't impress.
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  • Eric Van Der Floof's Avatar
    14-03-19, 09:01 PM
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    01-03-19, 01:56 PM
    A fair old way, so we'll need to leave at 10.15am. Looking at 20 quid, but might get that down a bit with sufficient numbers. Great, modern...
    9 replies | 1146 view(s)
  • Woody's Avatar
    05-03-19, 01:22 PM
    Woody started a thread Will Henry in The COF
    20yr old GK Signed on loan from Swindon Town until the end of the season. Freddie Lapworth also back from Cheltenham as backup.
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    16-03-19, 07:12 AM
    With a fair bit more rain forecast this morning. Haven't heard anything, and not "In the know", but I think it would be wise to stay tuned to...
    10 replies | 654 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    21-03-19, 01:02 AM
    Neil started a thread I saw this on Twitter in The COF
    Make a combined XI for the team you support comprising the squads from the 1998/99, 2008/09 and 2018/19 seasons. How many get in from the current...
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  • dommotyger's Avatar
    26-02-19, 01:05 PM
    Big game @ longlevens against league leaders any one going
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  • GDE's Avatar
    26-02-19, 10:18 PM
    GDE started a thread tonights games in The COF
    Torquay drawing with East Thurock and Truro 1-0 down
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  • Brandman's Avatar
    18-03-19, 08:55 AM
    Brandman started a thread Ground flooded again. in The COF It can happen again. A timely reminder. Feel so bad for Tadcaster.
    8 replies | 483 view(s)
  • Oldboy's Avatar
    12-03-19, 02:21 AM
    Oldboy started a thread ET in The COF
    It looks a bit of a slog between East Thurrock and us now. The next 3 matches could be crucial. We have Hemel Hempstes (h), St.Albans (a) and...
    5 replies | 596 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    18-03-19, 09:51 PM
    Neil started a thread Trevor Horsley R.I.P. in The COF The man who made FGR the club they are today :(
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  • Kingo's Avatar
    03-03-19, 07:33 PM
    Kingo started a thread Club Shop - Concord in The COF
    Due to several people unavailable on Tuesday - it looks like the club shop will not open on Tuesday. If, however, there is something urgent you...
    5 replies | 406 view(s)
  • daveangel's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:01 AM
    daveangel started a thread Truro Sat 20th April in The COF
    Hopefully the day a win could see us safe. Our longest trip at 200 miles, so we'll have a decent stop on the way. Departing MP at 9.30am and again...
    5 replies | 394 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    23-02-19, 09:19 PM
    Neil started a thread Drone in The COF
    A long shot I know but if anyone knows who flew the drone over the pitch towards the end I'd love to see the footage.
    4 replies | 452 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    17-03-19, 03:38 PM
    Neil started a thread Ciren v's Yate in The COF Tight game with a few strange refereeing decisions!
    5 replies | 343 view(s)
  • daveangel's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:56 AM
    Huge game at the seaside. Will leave MP at 10am and will be £20 a seat. 1.Daveangel 2.Marcus 3.Luke 4.Babs M'Ray 5.Andrew Bick 6.DaveM
    4 replies | 344 view(s)
  • Dom Joly's Publicist's Avatar
    25-02-19, 01:19 PM
    A lack of goals is not a new problem for us really. Harry Williams sadly seems to be continually injured. Joey Parker plays more as a winger than a...
    2 replies | 387 view(s)
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