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  • daveangel's Avatar
    28-01-20, 01:39 PM
    daveangel started a thread Alfreton tonight. in The COF
    Safe journey to all those who travel. Unfortunately, I'm at work, so hopefully that will mean a great performance and 3 points. If anyone who...
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  • Gladfans's Avatar
    25-01-20, 10:11 AM
    Gladfans started a thread Southport home in The COF
    For the first time in many seasons we can only guess the team line up for today - so many new faces. Hereís my guess 1. Jeacock 2. James 3. Senior 4....
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    01-02-20, 11:17 AM
    daveangel started a thread Spennymoor today... in The COF
    PLEEEAAASE!!!!! A performance, points, and something to build on. I've got everything crossed.
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  • Gladfans's Avatar
    09-02-20, 01:39 PM
    Gladfans started a thread Kings Lynn home in The COF
    Realistic chances of it being on? Iím sure KL will want to know early Iím sure many of us would appreciate an early yes or no via the normal channels.
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    01-02-20, 09:14 PM
    Must win game is an overused phrase imo, but this is a must win game, and getting decent support there could make the difference. For that reason, we...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    08-02-20, 02:31 PM
    daveangel started a thread BPA Away...... in The COF
    Glorious sunny day, full coach, and hopes and expectations.... Come on City, we need this.... 😬
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  • Neil's Avatar
    04-02-20, 09:10 PM
    Neil started a thread 17 years ago today in The COF
    My favourite City match, 2-0 at Woking. 1st half 2nd half...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    11-02-20, 10:17 AM
    Leaving MP at 10.30am, it will be £20 a seat, or possibly £15 if we managed to fill a big one. Game takes place as it stands, but for unforseen...
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  • Joe's Avatar
    15-02-20, 09:43 AM
    Joe started a thread Farsley game - off in The COF
    Sensible decision. Won't be many on in our division today. Gutted though. Have to go to a kids' party instead :(.
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  • Nigeglos's Avatar
    28-01-20, 09:10 PM
    Truro call off tonight's game with yate at 7.37pm. What a disgrace that is
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  • CityGull's Avatar
    28-01-20, 07:32 PM
    CityGull started a thread Welcome Foday in The COF Welcome Foday: Hope you find happiness with us!
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  • rogerspurs's Avatar
    29-01-20, 09:28 PM
    rogerspurs started a thread Gcafc website in The COF
    says deactivated anyone know why?
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  • Kingo's Avatar
    26-01-20, 08:20 PM
    Kingo started a thread Programme Request in The COF
    I have had a request for the City programme v Boston earlier this season on the 24th August Checked the club shop yesterday and couldn't find one...
    2 replies | 1926 view(s)
  • Gladfans's Avatar
    16-02-20, 10:00 AM
    As I posted on the last proposed home game and early update would be appreciated thanks.
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    22-02-20, 10:19 AM
    daveangel started a thread Game off in The COF
    Curzon waterlogged.
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  • GDE's Avatar
    06-02-20, 03:43 PM
    GDE started a thread 4G pitch in The COF Hope this does not hold up the ground
    4 replies | 698 view(s)
  • Nigeglos's Avatar
    07-02-20, 12:33 PM
    Apologies if you don't have twitter but I thought this was an interesting story. I wish there was something that made sports places a bit special so...
    4 replies | 559 view(s)
  • CityGull's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:12 PM
    CityGull replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    The great man depicted here in an early prototype of our new home kit....
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  • Eric Van Der Floof's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:11 PM
    Notice that Jack Storer is now at Leamington
    678 replies | 205493 view(s)
  • charlie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:17 AM
    charlie replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    No thank you. He's been awful for them and it's been a couple of years since he was good enough for this level.
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  • Spanish tiger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:14 AM
    Spanish tiger replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    They must have spent a fortune on compensation costs alone this season!
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  • Gladfans's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:20 AM
    Gladfans replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    Not an ex player I know but I see Reece Styche has left Hereford by mutual agreement and signed for Bromsgrove Sporting. Could have been worth a punt?
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  • Joe's Avatar
    22-02-20, 10:36 PM
    Joe replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    Harry Williams also scrambled in a last minute winner for Supermarine.
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  • Badger's Avatar
    22-02-20, 09:30 PM
    Badger replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    Joe Parker scored the goal in their 1-0 win today
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  • Gladfans's Avatar
    22-02-20, 09:17 PM
    Gladfans replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    Both great servants to GCFC and with the greatest respect to them both they are now at their best at the level they are best at.
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  • CityGull's Avatar
    22-02-20, 08:53 PM
    CityGull replied to a thread Ex Players Thread in The COF
    Knowles and Symons on target for Weston today - Sam not in the starting squad.. injured?
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  • Severnside's Avatar
    22-02-20, 06:18 PM
    Severnside replied to a thread Game off in The COF
    Good job we have deeper pockets on board these days, a short while back we would have been in deep s**t....
    8 replies | 459 view(s)
  • Spanish tiger's Avatar
    22-02-20, 06:05 PM
    Spanish tiger replied to a thread Game off in The COF
    Shhhhhhhhhh, they will go and win their last 10 games.
    8 replies | 459 view(s)
  • drbob's Avatar
    22-02-20, 05:58 PM
    drbob replied to a thread Game off in The COF
    The only teams in the division that have played as few games as us are Kettering and Kings Lynn - four wins could, theoretically, move us up to...
    8 replies | 459 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    22-02-20, 05:50 PM
    Neil replied to a thread Game off in The COF
    Good that Blyth are shit. Six points clear with four games in hand.
    8 replies | 459 view(s)
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