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  • charlie's Avatar
    03-01-19, 11:34 AM
    charlie started a thread Todd in The COF
    Left the club by mutual consent Thank you for the efforts, sadly it just...
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  • Ray Tango's Avatar
    08-01-19, 05:18 PM
    Ray Tango started a thread Here it is in The COF
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    27-12-18, 01:11 PM
    All a little rushed at this time of year, but leaving at 10.30am, £20 a head on current numbers. 1.Daveangel 2.Jake 3.Dean 4.Chaz 5.Liam 6.Col...
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  • Neil's Avatar
    01-01-19, 07:08 PM
    Neil started a thread Chris Todd in The COF
    Was fully expecting to see that he'd resigned or been sacked when I got home from Evesham, but nothing. I will always support the team, the...
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  • Brandman's Avatar
    06-01-19, 07:02 AM
    Brandman started a thread GAME, SET and MATCH in The COF
    GAME I have often heard people say about football, that it’s just a GAME. Well at National League level it is more than that. I have now racked up...
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  • Ray Tango's Avatar
    12-01-19, 07:57 AM
    Ray Tango started a thread Hungerford in The COF
    No denying today is absolutely huge and it will be good if we get a decent and vocal crowd to back Cookie and the lads Bit of a rallying call...
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  • Nigeglos's Avatar
    01-01-19, 12:19 PM
    Nigeglos started a thread Weston in The COF
    Have not scored in five games and picked up some injuries and a suspension following the bath game. Surely today is the day
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  • Ray Tango's Avatar
    11-01-19, 04:03 PM
    Ray Tango started a thread Guess who’s back? in The COF
    Gloucester City are pleased to announce the return of City favourite Striker Zack Kotwica, Midfielder Fabien Robert and Plymouth Argyle loanees Harry...
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  • drbob's Avatar
    05-01-19, 04:57 PM
    drbob started a thread ET today in The COF
    1-0 down at half time - doesn't sound like we've been threatening to score an equaliser. Currently we're second from bottom as ET will overtake us...
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  • charlie's Avatar
    19-01-19, 12:54 PM
    charlie started a thread Oxford Away in The COF
    Fingers crossed the Daniel Smith Derby will see us pick up that first win this century and we will be back on course for our promotion push....
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    01-01-19, 08:06 PM
    I don't know if you ever bother to read this forum (I'll link it to Twitter anyway), but if there is one player of all those we currently have who...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    30-12-18, 08:15 PM
    Free coach, generously paid for by the club. We need the support there, and despite what some may think, they care too. Leaving at I reckon 10.15am...
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  • Dom Joly's Publicist's Avatar
    04-01-19, 02:02 PM
    Our last meaningful win was away at Dorking in the FA Cup, ironically under Webby and Greener. A superb 3 nil away performance that evening. The...
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  • Noah's Avatar
    18-01-19, 05:04 PM
    Noah started a thread News under wraps ? in The COF
    Find myself wondering if there’s any news of how training’s gone, or if there are any injuries. Might be there’s a preference to keep this under...
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  • daveangel's Avatar
    13-01-19, 04:42 PM
    Sorry it's taken a while to get the thread up. Been a busy boy. Leave MP at 12.30pm, and if we get a decent number of non ankle biters it'll be a...
    13 replies | 1796 view(s)
  • Dom Joly's Publicist's Avatar
    08-01-19, 11:10 AM
    Sorry for click bait title ;) Anyway, bookies favourite appears to be Peter Beadle. Certainly has experience at this level and above and has local...
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  • Nigeglos's Avatar
    08-01-19, 09:19 AM
    Nigeglos started a thread A wish list ...... in The COF
    Right now, it would be good to know Player signings or progress in that respect Manager appointment update Ground update Fans forum update...
    14 replies | 1137 view(s)
  • Shandy.'s Avatar
    06-01-19, 07:44 PM
    Well done to the tangerines, will we ever get a day like this, we never do :(. Anyway, homage through one of the best ever songs written: ...
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  • Noah's Avatar
    24-12-18, 06:10 PM
    There used to be Sunday tea. It was of the kind that weighed down the table : cakes, sandwiches, sausage rolls, biscuits, celery, vol au vents, ice...
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  • Spanish tiger's Avatar
    11-01-19, 03:44 PM
    Spanish tiger started a thread City in Europe. in The COF
    Not quite but.... was surprised to come across a Twitter account which was related to city from Turkey! anyone no how this came about? Got me...
    12 replies | 731 view(s)
  • Spanish tiger's Avatar
    31-12-18, 10:56 AM
    Spanish tiger started a thread Joe parker in The COF
    If he starts or gets on tomorrow will be his 200th appearance in the Yellow and black, Great achievement well done! Can he go on and beat Webbys...
    9 replies | 1057 view(s)
  • dommotyger's Avatar
    03-01-19, 07:17 PM
    dommotyger started a thread ET in The COF
    Going for a massive nil nil
    8 replies | 918 view(s)
  • Shurdyrover's Avatar
    04-01-19, 05:55 PM
    Shurdyrover started a thread John Mills in The COF
    Mills gone on loan to Westfields FC for rest of season....
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  • Davem city fan's Avatar
    04-01-19, 06:45 PM
    They both have been very quiet on social media recently. Where have they gone are they still connected with the club or have they been shifted out....
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  • dommotyger's Avatar
    02-01-19, 09:20 PM
    dommotyger started a thread Next 5 games in The COF
    3 teams in the top 9 and one above us and one below! What do you think is a realistic target in terms of points? How long would you give CT if...
    7 replies | 529 view(s)
  • Bobby's Avatar
    28-12-18, 11:39 PM
    Bobby started a thread Leroy Rosenior MBE in The COF
    6 replies | 494 view(s)
  • GDE's Avatar
    05-01-19, 09:52 PM
    GDE started a thread Webby in The COF
    Just watched the post match interview, he is hurting as much as us the supporters, he did say they are trying to get the players in, lets stay behind...
    4 replies | 883 view(s)
  • Neil's Avatar
    26-12-18, 11:40 PM
    Neil started a thread Sunderland til I die in The COF
    Anyone else watching this on Netflix? It's like art imitating life. Only thing is, we know how STID ends!
    6 replies | 595 view(s)
  • Brandman's Avatar
    19-01-19, 09:36 PM
    Brandman started a thread Bath City in The COF
    Firstly well done to City for picking up three points at Oxford City and making it a double over the Hoops and without conceding a goal. My...
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  • Chris Gage's Avatar
    24-12-18, 09:41 AM
    Hello All, Despite this being sent out to our Supporters Trust and T-Ender Members, I wanted to put this out on the forum as well. I'm moving...
    4 replies | 632 view(s)
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